6 Reasons You Should Love Music in A Busy Life

Good sleeping with music

From thousands of years ago to now, music was always a great thing, and the music is also indispensable in life. If a life lacks music, then it becomes tedious. You will feel terrible boredom. In addition to entertaining, music also has health benefits. A busy life keeps people in a state of stress. There are many ways to relieve stress, but the most popular and efficient method is music. Have you ever asked yourself why music has the power to reduce social stress? Scientists have found that music has a significant impact on the body and emotions of every person. In fact, music can take care of health, and even people use music to heal. The effects of music will surprise you. Music is a miracle, and music will evolve emotions through every tone. The following article will point out 6 reasons why music is essential in a busy life.

The music is life

#1. Increasing The Ability of The Brain Waves

Research shows that the beats in the rhythm of the music, they stimulate brain waves and cause resonance. Synchronization in each rhythm will create a state. Fast rhythms create a sharp focus. And the slow pace helps the brain reverts to meditate, calm. You listen to music while learning, and it helps you memorize information better. The reason is that music promotes the release of dopamine, which motivates you to keep studying. A study in 2006 showed a strong connection between music and brain development. It indicates that young children exposed to music early, the brain will grow and remember longer, compared to those not exposed to music. Music even supports treatment in people with memory problems. A study in 2008 showed that stroke patients would improve memory and attention from the if they are listening to music daily.

#2. Improving Heart Rate and Breathing

Through the nervous system, changes in brain waves affect other functions in the body, such as heart rate and breathing. When you hear the tone fast or slow, your heart rate also works in the beats of the brain waves. Slow heartbeat, slow breathing produces a kind of relaxing response. That is why music therapy helps relieve stress, assist the body return to balance. This is an important reason why music becomes necessary for busy life.

#3. Releasing Tension, and Expanding  Your Thinking

Busy life causes people to face stress and anxiety every day. To deal with these problems, one of the easiest options is to listen to the gentle rhythm of the music. Music will help you less anxiety even in the most stressful times. This is explained because music will reduce the level of cortisol- a natural sign of stress. It can even promote the relaxation of muscles, helps you feel more active and optimistic. Music is a therapy that helps the body get out of anxiety and depression. Sometimes you feel so tired, stressful thoughts that cause you to lose weight in work or life. But just when you listen to a gentle melody, the tired emotions will be dispelled. And you will feel optimistic and love life.

Expanding Your Thinking By Music

#4. Promoting Exercises to Improve Health

Music can contribute to improving your practice productivity. It assisted by reducing the feeling of fatigue, increasing the level of mental stimulation, and improving coordination. A study in 2006 about the optimal factor, music can enhance the ability to run at optimal levels. You will reduce the feeling of fatigue and be able to operate at full capacity. So, if you exercise, do not forget to listen to rock and roll or dance music.

#5. Improving Sleep Quality to Have a Good Performance

If you have trouble sleeping, listen to some light music before going to bed. However, avoid listening to rock music as it may have the opposite effect. Classical gently decreases nervous system activity, alleviates anxiety, relaxes muscles and removes negative thoughts. And you quickly fall asleep. By improving the quality of sleep with music, you will feel less tired and depressed. A study in 2008 of the Journal of Nursing, reported that relaxation with classical music is an effective intervention in reducing sleep problems. Classical music relaxes the muscles and distracts negative thoughts. Making a habit of listening to music for 30-45 minutes before going to sleep, you will have a good night’s sleep.

Good sleeping with music

#6. Improving Blood Circulation

When listening to live music, you feel the mood is cheerful and happy. The emotions of music will have a significant effect on cardiovascular health. Music affects the body’s internal endothelium, a and good endothelial function is the secret behind a healthy blood vessel system. And a good blood circulation system will give you the ability to work steadily. A study in 2008 by the Central Maryland School of Medicine, reported that positive emotions are produced by music, that they have a healthy effect on blood vessel functions. Music even increases the production of nitric oxide, dilates the blood vessels, and keeps the body healthy and flexible.


Using music as a cure has long been a serious matter. And the effects of music have been studied by scientists. Every age has different musical tastes. Music has become an indispensable part of busy human life. Music seems to be a major friend of each person in many stages of life. However, you should not listen to music regularly. Listen to music all day does not bring good effects for people. Enjoy music also need to have appropriate times and a suitable space. Finally, if you have a busy life and always face a lot of hard work, music will be an important friend.

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