6 Unexpected Benefits Of Music To Your Busy Lifestyle

Social Connection

Science, society, business, and industry are changing, developing, and moving forward everyday, so does your life. If you do not keep trying, working hard and improving yourself, you cannot achieve anything you want in this life, where time is precious. Naturally, that busy lifestyle will cause a lot of problems to your health, mentality, or to your social connection. You try to find a way to help you relax by playing sports, go traveling, or watching movies. However, there is a simple way which not only helps you relax but also saves time and provides a lot of benefits to your life. That is being friends with music. Through this article, you will find 6 unexpected benefits of music to your busy lifestyle.

  1. Stress Relief

Stress Relief

No one wants to be stressful. Many researchers proved that music can help a lot in relieving stress. Music stimulates the generation of opiates and endorphins, the “make you feel better” hormones in your body, which can result in improving your health and mentality. It makes you feel relax and less worry about miseries or challenges in the world out there. Therefore, make a playlist of relaxing music and let it take care of your stress.

Here are some links where you can listen to good, gentle and tranquil music:

  1. Motivation Generator

The endorphins hormones produced in our body by contacting with music are considered by many therapists and researchers as a kind of natural pain killer. It helps you manage your pains, feel less challenging, and motivate you to move forward. If you are a sporty person or a gym-goer, listening to music while practicing can increase your strength and endurance by 15%. You can run faster, row harder or lift heavier. Your workout days will now be more effective and less time consuming.

Below are some links for motivation music:

  1. Memory Improvement

Many people were born with the brain of a golden fish or simply they have a bad memory. Researches or a university in UK show that music can improve some areas of our brain, especially our memory part. Easily to see, when you learn a musical instrument or sing a song, you have to practice, remember the lyrics and notes everyday. This helps you a lot in memorizing things like a close teacher who daily reminds and practices with you. Gradually, you can sing the song, play the instrument fluently, and have a better memory.

  1. Natural Sleeping Pill

After a busy and stressful working day, a deep sleep is the best medicine to heal and reset your body. However, there are worries and concerns keep knocking on your mind, which makes you cannot even close your eyes and take a rest. Exhaustion and nightmares are inevitable. In order to have a better sleep, many people start using sleeping bills. Taking these pills will help you sleep, but they are extremely harmful to your health. Why do not we use a better and more natural medicine for your sleep? Many music producers say that slow music velocity (bpm) can help you sleep easier, hence if you want a deep sleep, listening to a gentle and relaxing playlist about 1 hour. Your body will be well rested, prepared, and ready for the next busy day.

Try some of the following playlists for your deep sleep:

  1. Social Connection

Social Connection

Music was also born to connect people. We have different kinds of musical instrument, band, genre, et cetera, which need from 2 to more than 10 people to play or sing together. Furthermore, singers or bands produce and play music to audiences. Fans come to concerts to see their favorite singers or bands. Singing contests are being held everywhere as social activities so people can take part in, meet fellows who share the same dream and show their skills together. Therefore, you can clearly see the connection between music and people. It brings people together no matter who they are or where they are from. For these reasons, the benefits of music to your social life are too many to tell.

After a busy working week, invite some friends or family members to sing karaoke or play some pieces of music together. This not only helps you relax, but also strengthens your relationships which are very necessary to your life.

  1. Sympathizer

“The hardest part of ending is starting again”. This is a great quote from the lyrics of the song “Waiting for the end” wrote by an amazing American rock band- Linkin Park. As you can see, songs have lyrics and meanings. They were produced to express writer’s emotions and thinking, or to find sympathy. Sometimes in you busy life, you need someone who can cheer you up, or to simply push you forward. You can always find artists who can read your mind. Their songs say what you are thinking or feeling. They are your true sympathizers. Do you really want to have a friend who always understands you? Make friend with music. It will definitely help you feel better.

Music is a truly powerful tool to improve your health, mentality and strengthen the relationships around you. However, do not overuse it, otherwise your ears and mentality will be badly affected. There are several ways to make friend with music and let it become your true sympathizer such as listening to music, singing along to music, playing musical instruments, or writing a song. All of it has been proven benefits by researchers, scientists, and therapists all around the world. Therefore, choose the way that fit best for you and for your busy lifestyle. Let music be your friend.